Copper sulphate fertilizer, a fertilizer containing copper. This may take the form of powder or liquid fertilizer. Also available from dripping or leaves.

Copper sulphate fertilizer, besides the elimination of copper deficiency, especially in grain production due to re-cell enzyme activity will support accelerating the formation of fruit. In the product level through the stomata in the leaves and moist and have a high absorption capacity of the adhesive property to the tissues of the elements they need help to move quickly.

Copper sulfate fertilizer, is effective against emerging due to copper deficiency disorder, also promotes the formation and maturation of the spike in grain.

Effects on Fruit

In fruiting plants, copper affects the sugar content and flavor of the fruits produced. The effects of copper sulfate are most pronounced in blueberry, tomato, watermelon, onion, parsnip, lettuce, beet, carrot, cabbage, eggplant, celery and spinach plants. In general, water accumulation in a plant is lower, and therefore its taste is sweeter, when its conductivity is low. Excess copper sulfate increases conductivity, reducing the sugar concentration and flavor intensity of the fruit. If you want to grow sweet fruits that are not watery, ensure you are not over-applying copper sulfate to your plants.

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