CHILGOZA (Pine Nuts)

Chilgoza pine nut is loaded with antioxidants that helps to improve the good cholesterol levels in the body. The presence of zinc in this pine nut improves the body’s immunity and prevents the occurrence of common cold. Also, zinc is used to treat infertility. Chilgoza pine nut is a rich source of magnesium that assists in sound sleep, and improves the mood. Chilgoza pine nut is useful for diabetes patients, too. The nut is a rich source of iron and folate, and should be consumed by pregnant women and lactating mothers as they can safely pass on the health benefits to their developing babies. High level of good fatty acid in the Chilgoza pine nut makes it safe to consume and prevents heart attack. Chilgoza nut contains Vitamins A& E, and other vital nutrients that prevent the growth of cancer.

Chilgoza is a distinct pine variety found in the regions of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the specific area is the western forest of the Himalayas. This pine variety resembles the shape of stone pines. The Chilgoza pine tree grows up to 1800 to 3500 meters tall, and its nut is edible and tasty. The nut is a rich source of carbohydrates and proteins, which make this fruit a good dietary supplement for the body. The trunk girth of the tree is between 3 and 4 meters. The leaves of the Chilgoza pine have a distinct three needles shape, which makes it distinct from others. Chilgoza pine nut can be eaten raw and dry or fried in oil used in salads.

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